Sunday, February 9, 2014

Welcome to Culture and Civilization L2!

Hi everyone! Welcome to CCL2! This blog will help us share our thoughts and reflections about all units during this semester. It will also help us share online material about this class. This is our blog, so please do your best to contribute!


  1. Hello professor,
    The Loving Story, a sad but at the same time a nice story. sad because they had to fight to stay together because in that time it was not allowed an interracial marriage so they were told that they had to divorced and they suffered a lot of pains in order to fight for their rights. On the other hand, it was a nice history because they loved each other a lot and they were prepared to defend their marriage, despite the laws were against interracial marriage they never gave up. I think it is an example of perseverance and true love because after many years laws failed to pleased. However, they could not long enjoy together their marriage, however, because of their love and perseverance now every state of the United States is allowed the interracial marriage, I think when we want to get something, we have to be perseverant and never give up, only in that way we will get what we really want to achieve. Finally, taking about of the debate I agree when they say that the marriage is a piece of heaven on the earth because, although the rate of divorce has increased, there are still many marriages who seek happiness for their couples, and when we want to make someone happy, we are happy too

  2. Greetings I like to share my ideas related to the movie, moreover, i leke to have a nice conversation based on objetiveness due to the fact that we are univesity students. Here we are lol lol. First, The movie was related to the american culture between 60's and 70's where romances between whites & blacks had been taken like a sickness in the United States, moreover, television shows and movies frequently showed this kind of relationship unfair to the society black people were less than animals mounters and white people were over black people. American was facing a terreble problem because of laws that United States had as a country and Virginia had as a stated, and those laws that were opposed to interracial dating and marriage. Interracial romance in 1960s where The Supreme Court's decision in Loving vs. Virginia played an impotanr role in civil rights movement. Before the 1960s, black & white marriage occurred only rarely and prompted "the ban in intermarriage has the highest place in the White man's rank order of social segregation and discrimination". In the 60's, white people had the power to crate and to change every single thing that they wanted beliefs, ideas and laws, sometimes this is hard to picture how people just in that decade could not have to develop a critical thinking to discriminate right or wrong ideas about what is right or wrong, the only thing most poeple did was to follow someone else many people had died just for their color, however, those years had stayed in the past, now people have the change to feel the real freedom, or not? To conclude this first point, there is no difference between black or white or yellow people. Second, after the movie a couple of ideas were shared, but, most of them were misunderstood, although the ideas were really easy to get, maybe this is a Bolivian's problem due to the fact that everyone wants to be right, no matter what, this is a common problem. Subjetiveness is the main problem no matter if someone has a high degree the problem is the same people based their thoughts on feelings. To conclude the second point, people should focuss their ideas on objetiveness.