Monday, March 10, 2014

Reflections on our own identity

For this activity, I would like to reflect back on all activities done in class related to your own identity (circles of my multicultural self, family tree diagram, and "Where I´m from" poem) and answer this question: What have you learned about yourself, i.e. your identity so far? You can comment on any point you are willing to share since this is a personal question or you can also share your "Where I´m from" poem. This is a link that can help you analyze deeper into this activity:


  1. Hello
    I think we have learnt a lot of things on these last classes about our own identity. The activities that we realize was about the family tree diagram and circles of my cultural self. Concerning to the family tree we talked about gender, occupation, age, language religion and residence, all those things are significant to our own identity, we should value who and where we come from, these qualities that we are make us different from others and we have to be proud about ourselves. Talking about circles of my cultural self, we had to write about five things that defines who we are and. The most important things for me is family, profession, books, gender and friends .Firstly, family is a very important aspect of my identity because serves as a basis to build and develop values our own identity and also for adult expectations and goals for ourselves. Secondly, Profession because we get a lot of scientific knowledge and all the knowledge we get we can teach other people, we can search and generate more information in order to improve our scientific knowledge. Next, books is also essential aspect of my identity, reading books we can learn new things like the experience they have lived, knowledge and richness of wisdom of different writers. Friends, is another valuable aspect because we cannot be a lonely person we have to socialize to other people and through socializing people we get friends and sometimes they influence in our life, true friends tell us words of encouragement when we are in a problem. Finally, gender is also important because men and women face different expectations about how we should dress, behave or work in a public sphere, gender thus differs from sex in that it is social and cultural.

    Where I am from poem

    I am from a happy family with values and principles
    I am from a family who believes in god strongly
    I am strength and capacity of my town
    I am from the wonderful green mountains where grow the most
    beautiful flowers and you can run free like the wind.

    I am the wind that blows camps of sunflowers
    I am a self- help book that give a word in the appropriate time
    I am the beautiful flowers that grow in my garden
    I am cartoons, dramatics, actions and comics films that cheer the life
    of people when they are sad.
    I am diligence, perseverance and kindness.
    This is what I am.

    1. Adith,
      Great insights on the past weeks! Thanks for sharing your poem. I think it's beautiful!

  2. Hello professor.
    In these last classes, I could learn many things about my identity, such as the aspects surrounding my multicultural identity. Our activities in classes are very interesting and I could learn more about "culture" for example, the circles of my multicultural self help me to know the aspects more important and I consider that describe my identity, such as my nationality, language, religion, occupation,gender and family. The activity sharing a story, when I felt proud or was painful to be identified, was very good because I could see that there are many good things of the that I feel proud for example, the folklore and gastronomy that our country has, and also there are people that have a different point of view of that I have for example, about my gender and I feel very bad with some comments that people say about the female gender. The last activity about write a poem was a good experience because I have never written a poem and it was a little bit difficult, but was very interesting because I could describe myself of a nice manner, I could include and describe those things that surround me and that are part of me and of the what I belong and identify me.

    1. Eliana,
      These are great comments! I'm curious about what you and your classmates shared regarding "gender." I think sometimes women are not treated the way they should. This is why we all, women and men, have to learn treat each other with respect. If you want to share this story you heard, please go ahead. It would be really interesting! I'm glad you enjoyed writing the poem. I think everybody did a good job.

  3. Hello
    Well, I think the activity was so interesting and very helpful to know more about ourselves. In my case, I realized that I do not know so many things about my identity and I have to work on this. On the other hand, I am sure about what I am not, being specific cultural aspects such as ethnicity, believes, etc. Finally I would like to share my poem.
    "Who I am"
    I am La Paz entirely and with all of its streets
    I am a lover of God but not of church
    I am freedom with a lot of limits
    I am a slave of the news
    I am movies no matter how the weather is.

    1. Hi Alexandra,
      I'm glad you enjoyed the "Where I am from/Who I am" poem activity. I think it's important to reflect on who we are to improve ourselves and be able to interact with other people. I love your poem! I'm sure you'll be able to add more lines to it as time goes by. This is an exercise that you can do anytime.

  4. Hello. Professor
    Well, during these last classes, I consider, we have learned and discover a lot of our Identities. One thing I would like to mention is the fact that I felt I knew everything about me before, but from the moment I started writing my Family Tree Diagram, I noticed that I wasn´t paying attention to myself. I mean, I believed I understood my own identity at all, but on the contrary I began to clarify my ideas about who I am, what are my belief, values or even my interest. Making circles about my family and the relationship among my friends and me. How close and how distant they are. And how they influence my identity, while I develop my practices, habits or hobbies.
    For example: lately, I noticed, I need to have the acceptance of my family to make decisions about my studies or job. Something that makes me believe that instead of going forward I am getting behind, since five years earlier I used to be more independent. Nowadays I try to include many persons and their own opinions in order to try to choose the different activities I plan to do such as: jobs, sports, hobbies.
    I am from a green wide prairie running through
    I am from feeding my cat on a Saturday morning
    I am from hugging my little dog when arriving home at night
    I am from the smell of cupcakes in a birthday party
    I am from log days at work hurrying home to change my uniform
    I am from breakfast at Grandma´s hose
    I am from rainy days and board games with my sisters
    I am from long walks to school when I was a child
    I am from my imaginary friends when I was three years old
    I am from tears over my pillow searching for the look in your eyes
    I am from past and present and waiting for the future…

    1. Evelyn,
      These are wonderful insights! Sometimes we make decisions without even reflecting on how we do this. It's really interesting that you realized that you're now more dependent on your family's opinions. Maybe a good balance would help you. I personally believe that you can ask for advice, but in the long run you're the one who makes the final decision, especially if you're ready to take risks. Family helps us, but sometimes they overprotect us. Finding a balance would be, in my opinion, a solution. Thanks so much for sharing your poem! It's great!

  5. Greetings, in my case I did not know which identity I had. I did not have a specific identity. I only said “I don’t mind” due to me did not know the importance of recognition selves.
    I learned that to have a proper, unique identity is so essential to follow our lives, to create our path to the future. Also I learned that to have an identity is a value.
    When we have a defined identity we can have a balance between what we want and where we are going. In addition when we have a defined identity we are authentic.
    Being awareness about our identity is having motivation to follow our goals. We do not have to forget that internal and external identities are complements to do a complete identity.
    Finally identity for me is I, my likes, dislikes, beliefs, name, feelings, gender, worldview and so on.

    1. Hi Christian,
      Thanks for sharing your comments! I agree with you finding or reflecting on our own identity is crucial to move forward. I'm glad this activity helped you to be more aware of this important point. It's also interesting that you defined identity, among others, as "worldview." This is a great insight!

  6. Hello professor
    To answer the question what have you learned about me (identity) during your class, specifically about my identity, as we know identity is an evolutionary process that balances the internal and external sources of that which defines who are you or who am I. To know what our identity we need to know more about ourselves for example I can say that I did not know about my identity because when we started to do the family tree diagram of our families recently got information about where I come from, who are my grandparents, what were their religion, what were his nationality and what language they spoke. Then when we did the circles of my multicultural self I put the most significant in my life in terms of the unique individual characteristics that define me are about my personal preferences for example my favorite food, my favorite singer, my favorite place in the world and others thinks that distinguish me from others, Religion, Family, Nationality, Language finally I think that I have a long way to define me very well.
    I am from (poem)
    I am from a family with big values and principles
    I am from a country that is multicultural
    I am the food that makes my family happy at the time lunch, breakfast and diner
    I am friendly, shy but generally I am happy
    I am from La Paz that have variety of people

    During class I have learnt about identity that refers family, religion, belief, hobbies, nationality, attitude, priority on life. I reflect about myself. It is about my Identity; my name is Mary I am Bolivian; because I respect our culture. I from El Alto I was born and live in this city. My first language is spanish, I communicate with my community with this language. My foreign language is English but I have improve linguistic compentence about it. But also I speak litle aymara language. I am evangelic, because I agree on “ voice of god” principles; my church name is “Ebenezer”. I am liguistic student because I would be English teacher.
    “I am from” poem: I am voleyball, wally, football in my free time. I am belief in god, evangelic, respect these principles. I am diversity, multicultural. I am unity family, help, loving. I am roast chiken, spagetti, and mixed vegetables salad. I am films base on true stories. I am history channel, notivision, super sport, olympic sport. I am enjoy for educating and facilitating knowledge about language. I am romantic, clasic music.
    About my family my grandfather name is Felipe, he is 85 years old, he is farmer. My grandmother name’s Basilia. she is 80 years old. She is keep house. They live the country Caquingora, they respect to pachamama ritual, but they are catholic. They are indigeneous, they speak aymara and spanish language. My father name’s Julian. He was 40 years old when he died. He was evagelic, he was mixed race, he was the best father. My mother name’s Julia, she is 52 years old, she is seller, she live in El Alto city, she is speak spanish and aymara languages.

  8. Hello everybody,

    To answer the focus question about what we learn during class I would like to refer about the different activities that we did in the class. First, in my case those activities helped me and let me to know more aspects about my identity and also gave me more knowledge about our own bolivian cultures. Second, for me all the activities gave me the support to know more about our all culture and also about our practices because people made the culture dynamic and always in constant motion. Finally, I really internalize all the theories that we learned during the classes and also have reflected me on our culture, practices, beliefs and behaviors in general relating to bolivians.

  9. Greeting professor and everyone

    Please allow me share my point of view related to identity and what it means to me
    Identity is an abstract idea that shows more than just a personal point of view it shows how a person face every single day. Every single person worldwide has a different idea of the world that is the reason people do not have the same idea and sometimes it makes to appear misunderstandings amog them. When i hear identity the first idea that comes to my mind is the way we behave and think due to the fact that if a person behaves or thinks in a differet way from other do, it is because of his knowledge and experiance, moreover, those features are close related to where we como from what i mean is every person is like a tree it means we have roots that are our relatives (gran-parents) almost every family has spent time among them so it gives the chance to know more about themselves and learnd about it
    To know more about oneself that person has to know more about his roots

  10. Helle everbody well according to this topic the culture include 5 important element what are products,practices, persons,communities,and perspectives particularly as they intersect with the use of language and we can identify the content of the cultural experience we present to learners, each elements develope a part of the culture that is my opinion

  11. Hello professor
    I have learned a lot of about identity during all these class. First of all, I learnt about the culture that become the base which everybody builds their personality with their point of view, limits, beliefs and all make a person. Then, we have learned who we are because these types of topic make us reflect. In my case, occur this, I have started to analyze me, for instance, what type of beliefs I have, what is my bases, what I believe, what type of position that I have in this society, what type of behavior I should have and how I behave. On the other hand, I could discover what members are in my family and who I know. I mean, I could note that I know only to people which I live and the others not so much. Although I don’t know so much about my entire environment, I think it is a part of my identity because according to this I shape myself. For example: my personality, language.

    I am the high mountain where the cold and wind come to embrace me when they want.
    I am the thirty six languages that show what type the culture there are.
    I am that religion that just with faith can move mountain.
    I am the sweet and innocence rain that fall down on the smiling face.
    I am the ball that crash on the wall and floor every Saturday.
    I am the foot that makes happy to a lot of stomage.
    I am the thread that through all type of material.
    I am the tour to places that limit doesn’t exist in geography and time.
    I am the out control, strong and loving family.

    excuse me professor i coulnt sent this asigment because i had problem with my mail atte. NANY VICKY CHURA SOTO

  12. Hi professor
    what we did last class make me think about my identity Who really am i? Where i come from? so from this i can say that my identity is determined by a mixed of things such as race gender, nationality, family, and others that are also important strengths and weaknesses or capabilities. of from this what is very important is the family because this is a model to follow for instance i came from a family that gave me almost everything the best love, values. I believed that they are the ones who are there for you no matter what you do on the other hand friends are just that friends.
    I feel proud of being Bolivian because we are consider ed as handworkers and kind people. What i learnt from myself is that i have and identity and a nice family

  13. My identity is all I am and I think that I have never thought too much about it, in that way I was reflecting in this topic. I also have learned a lot from these classes. I really like the activities we have done. This is the poem I wrote about myself and I think it explained me at all:
    I am from alpacas and vicuñas born.
    I am from chuño is a daily food.
    I am in the highest place in the world.
    I am from four types of seasons in just one day.
    I am all kind of sports with the smallest ball to the biggest one.
    I am books that come up with love and sometimes with science.
    I am cleaning in all places I live.
    I am education for children who do not have chances to have it.
    I am a tired flower who does not want to fade.
    I am a Christian family.