Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What´s your definition of culture?

Post a well-thought answer to this question: What's your definition of "culture"? Use all you've learned and your own experience. Write clearly and accurately. This is due August 8th.


  1.  Hello classmates and professor well my definition and text fo teaching culture about culture which is viewed as civilization , great achievements of people as reflected in their history , social institution, works of art, architecture, music and literature commonly referred the beliefs, values and customs or traditions that people carry out as part of their daily lives.
     culture is viewed as communication most people use this communication is not only language but gestures and variety of forms as well.
     culture is viewed as a general concept. it doesn’t take a particular culture . consist of culture – general components which apply to any culture or all culture, such as intercultural awareness, value , attitudes and behaviors
     culture is viewed in terms of intercultural communication, the capacity and ability to enter another culture and communicate , maintain relationship and carry out some tacks with people of these cultures
     culture is viewed as group through for power and authority.
     Culture is viewed as a dynamic construction between and among people to consist about values, meaning, beliefs that they create in their unique social circumstances.
     Culture is viewed as evolutionary psychology, many aspect are seen as universal to all members and the function of human brain such as music ,language and expressions.
     So the interesting things about these is communication for me why I decide it accurately it is how people the one culture are communicate among them well some culture use a particular language or gesture or even the body movements using in specific situations in their every lives.

    Well that is what I contribute about it .

  2. Cristobal, I need you to write your own definition. This is a copy of our textbook.

  3. then do i have to write again professor? well this next task about cultural experience.

    Now this my opinion about the cultural experience is something that you can acquire about one culture such as gesture, slang , idioms , and custom .how do you acquire these knowledge ? . Then I start telling how someone could acquire the cultural experience in one context which is influenced for the globalization. If you travel to another city or country , this country have got other type of greeting, hence you know because of participation with one person and you do a description of action states , thus you have to do an interpretation so as to have a response What form a circle of knowledge or cultural experience . I guess the cultural experience of a language is communication. The language serves to interact between a speaker and a hearer. So Probably the most important factor that takes part it is content and process because the individual confronts another way of live When the cultural experience is acquiring in one activity , it exist relationship between learner and culture that is a integral part of the experience . It results a function of the particular context that is to say, the culture learning takes place.
    Well that is what I contribute about cultural experience

    Hello professor this opinion about the language and culture before I have thought simple definition of language and culture. First, the language is the identity of one culture as a reflection of values, beliefs and customs. each culture built up an identity for example as aymara culture at present it doesn’t lose his identity , because of this culture has got important elements that constitute fundamental based at the culture . In other hand, language is the a product of the culture, because culture creates the language in order to do interaction with the members of the culture.
    I am presenting the elements that constitute to the culture; they are 1 language and cultural products, I think that the members of the culture use the language. So as to create the music , literature and art. 2 Language and cultural Practice, I think all members need the interactions between members of the culture. 3 Language and cultural Perspectives, I think we need the language in order to understand the values. 4 Language and cultural Communities, I think every culture has specific language and we notice the variation which exists. 5 Language and Persons, I think every individual uses his version of language in order to give or respond to our experience. Well that is what I contribute about language and culture.