Friday, June 13, 2014

Cultural Bumps, Stereotypes and Mutual Understanding

Please post your reactions or comments to this week´s class about cultural bumps, stereotypes and mutual understanding. You can also read some essays written by Bolivian students on this link They might give you more information and insights. Thanks!


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  2. Hello professor,
    Was very interesting to know more about the cultural differences such as the cultural bump or misunderstanding that people from different cultures have because each culture has its own language, manner of greeting, different point of view about some ideas, or also about the stereotypes that some people have in relation to the culture of other people, but I think that it’s wrong because nobody can judge or think that all people that belong to a culture are equal to the person of that they know or have an idea or image. Finally the mutual understanding is very important because each people must respect and know some important aspects about other culture before to judge or have a bad idea about this.

  3. I think that this particular topic is very interesting. Because all people practice it and use stereotypes in their daily lives, besides there are others who confuse the differences between some countries or different cultures, which is called cultural bumps. That’s very common in our routine as human beings. For that reason I think to put a name and have technical knowledge of the acts we perform is essential. Although each way we act has its benefits and its drawbacks. To begin, personally stereotypes are bad habits because only by knowing a person and tell us your origin, we assume that all of his birthplace are the same or have the same habits and behaviors; both good and bad habits. Even though the world has changed and people have matured, these customs do not change despite the weather. Although not all people are bad, there are some who feel empathy for other cultures and tolerant of foreigners, that fact is called "mutual understanding" and because I look good that not everything is bad. But never lack people who can confuse thinking habits are well based on their own culture. It is better to do everything good as long as they know what is being done and consciously made. So this topic interested me a lot.

  4. Everyone grew into a culture for us is so complicate to have a specific identity because e we are living in a multicultural country for example in La Paz city domains the Aymara culture but this includes Quechua culture and influences of foreign culture this causes confusion at the moment of making decision about identity also this can produce racism and of course culture bumps, stereotypes and misunderstandings, but what can we do to avoid these problems?. May be creating conscious into us for example we have to considerate that everyone is unique so everyone has different believes, feelings and so on, in that case nobody cannot judge to other only by the skin’s colour or the kind of religion that follows, we should try that other person can see the cultural values that our culture has and we should try to see the cultural values that other culture has, to conclude we should learn all positive aspects that each culture has and should not judge.

  5. Greeting
    Professor and classmates,
    Worldwide, there are many countris, and even more cultures and customs, moreover, the human being as the language is dinamic it means people need to communicate and sometimes we speak the same language but we do not understand each other due to the fact that there is a huge difference among ourselves but where there would probably be pro9blems is between two different cultures in a place where one of them is stablished, sometimes students have to face this kind of problem it does not matter how much a student knows about one country and its customs always there are some aspects or perspectives that the books do not show related to the real life.
    The main point wuold be the mutual undestanding due to fack that everybody is completely different and we have to understand them because if we do not understand each other, we will not be understood and there will be problems because of the lack of tolerance.
    The second point that seems to be really interesnig is the stereotype that everybody has about every single thing based on previews information that we think is real we sometimes judge based on that information what is really unfair due to all kind of stereotype is just point out the negative aspects.

  6. Taking into account that there are different kind of culture that should be respected and learned, people may avoid misundestandings by getting the point. for instance cultural bumps happened because there are different perspectives and wordview and to give a brief concept "Cultural bump is a misundestanding between two people or two groups who are from different cultures. Stereotypes is a thought adopted by individuals. having stereotypes is not good because most of the time we judge people just because. so what would be correct is not critiziced others by generalizing the kind of people.

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  8. I think this is one of the most important lessons that we had in the semester, specially for understanding Cultural Bumps and being focused on Mutual understanding. With the example that we could see in the class we could realize that misunderstandings can appear with very simple situations and it could get worst if we create stereotypes or if we have a lot of stereotypes about foreing cultures, ideas that are showed to us through televisión or movies can be very gererals about a culture and this could hamper us to know more about one culture or a foreing person. To solve misunderstandings we have to try to not create or have stereotypes, we shoul respect other types of thinking, we also have to be conscious that cultural bumps happen and the most important do not pre judge for this mutual understanding is vital, not just for understand other people unless for being understanded too.

  9. Hello professor
    My opinion about cultural bumps occurs frequently when a person travel to other country for different motives and finds himself or herself in a different, strange, or uncomfortable situation when interacting with persons of a different culture and start misunderstanding between those people. Stereotypes is a generalization of group of people or person that doesn’t allow for diversity within groups and may result in stigmatization and discrimination of groups if the stereotypes linked to them are largely negative these aspects are negative for a society because every culture around the world need respect and is not correct generalize a group of people is necessary be tolerant with others.
    Thanks that’s all

  10. Hi professor
    The time is changing but still there are cultural bumps in here or in other country for that we have to try to change these aspects, but how? Is not easy but it has to start by ourselves if we do not the time necessary is time to guide to the new generations.
    In the world there are many cultures, races, generations and the understanding is important, for that we have to start for the respect to each other, in some case it is not easy, many people died for do not have a mutual understanding in the past, like in the 60s, the tolerance is important for follow this change in the society is necessary learn the mistakes from the past.

  11. Hi professor!
    In my opinion, the cultural bumps are very outstanding, most of all when someone travels to other countries. And of course, finding oneself in a different situation where no one gets to know you is quite unconfotable. Well, taking into account all the missunderstandings that may occur while you get in contact with the new culture, it is very interesting how people behave with each other. the embarrassing moments you are going to deal with until you get familiar with the treatment. It is impossible to define where and when a person will come along wel with all the believes, feelings and others which are involved into all cultures around the world, for example: Last year I had the opportunity to work at an international hotel in Brazil. wher I could find many awkward moments.people having difficulties with the eye contact, or even the cultural responses to different emotions. That was quite interesting to watch.
    Thank you professor bye!

  12. Hello profesor María Eugenia Quispe Choque
    I think talk about culture bump, stereotype and mutual undertanding is very interesting because is part of our life. Culture bump is misundertanding between different people from different cultures; when people visiting one country mean encounter with other culture it implies that each person has different world view, manner of talk, different entertainment. For example for aymara people are very important the nature, it is very common talk about mother nature (pachamama) because thank the elements of nature they can harverst different food and it is the based for their economy but for foreign people the nature is not subtancial, because they live in other context with different way of life. About stereotype is thought adopted about specific type of people but sometime tend to generalize some behaviour based that people say. When say American are conservative do not all American are conservative. The mutual undertanding is very important the torelance throught communication between different culture.

  13. Hi professor excuse me to post later.
    This week I learnt the different greetings around the world. Besides I learnt what it carries. Behind of these greetings are the interests of every culture, it also keeps a history of them. Since their past to now, they show their characteristics of a culture and how they get a relationship with other people that belong to other countries. As example of this, is a firm handshake from United States and the introducing of themselves. Other type of greeting is, from The United Arabic Emirate, to take someone’s hand when showing something. In the same way, about the schedules, principally of muslins that start from Sunday and finish Thursday. The ignorance of this internal rules or invisible culture can cause a serious misunderstanding between two cultures. The strict getting of them, in some cultures, stepping other cultures to respect it. While in others cultures are too tolerant of this cultural rules that is the case of Brazilian, who are flexible about their schedule.

  14. Cultural bumps and stereotypes are very interesting points. Thanks for your interesting and insightful comments!

  15. hello i think it is first I heard this term used many years ago. A Culture Bump happens when you have expectations of a certain cultural behavior within a certain cultural situation but what you experience is something quite different. Well, just like any other bump, a Culture Bump can either throw you out of or back into place. This is what it means for me. Living abroad provides the chance to experience 'bumps' every day.

    Culture Bumps is the Spirit and brings you the latest 'bumps' and information about new programs and resources to manage change and transition. The stereotypes is a beliefs about someone is what you can think