Sunday, June 1, 2014



  1. Hi professor
    1999- I started to listen english songs because my siblings listen this type of music even they liked to dance it. I liked to listen it because although i didnt understand it, i felt happy. In those time, i wathed the moves (with the audio in spanish)that show the american culture, it was very different to me but it open me to new places and show how is the life.
    2005- After a long time to only watching movies and listening music only to my siblings, i didnt have so contact with them. I started to listen music myself. I searched the lyrics of them and i liked this. Although i didnt learn so english in the school, it make me improve it and push me to study to understand it.
    2007- In this time, the english help me to through my adolescence. It was my good partner. It makes me feel very confortable wherever i was. I studied it a lot of . i liked that life.
    2011- I started to study at the university with some wishes to know other countries because i had that idea to study very well this language.
    2012- I started to work as a guide in a museum freely where i suffered so with this language. In this time i couldnt communicate with the native people that spoke english. After some time, i could understand and spoken them( but not very well). They talked me about their country, i had a good conversation with them althoug with miming it didnt matter. Here i understood what i wanted.

  2. Very interesting encounters! It seems that family members and some great teachers have motivated you to study English.